Take the LIVALO Challenge

Do you have concerns about your current statin? Try LIVALO for 90 days at a cost comparable to a generic statin.

To be eligible for the LIVALO Challenge, you must have:

  • Never taken LIVALO before
  • A prescription for a 90-day supply of LIVALO
  • Commercial or private insurance, or pay cash

Read on to learn more, or click here to get started.

Why take the LIVALO Challenge?

If you have concerns about your current statin, it's important to keep in mind that not all statins are the same. See if LIVALO is a statin that may be right for you.

  • LIVALO has been proven to reduce LDL (bad) cholesterol up to a mean of 45% at the 4-mg dose
  • In clinical trials, about 3% of people taking LIVALO 4 mg experienced muscle aches (known as myalgia)
  • It's also important to know that compared to most other statins, LIVALO has a reduced potential to interact with certain other medications you may be taking

Taking the LIVALO Challenge can allow you to try LIVALO for 90 days for a cost comparable to a generic statin, as little as $36* for a 90-day supply.

Steps to get started

Make an appointment with your doctor and bring this LIVALO Challenge Fact Sheet with you to your appointment. The LIVALO Challenge Fact Sheet will explain the details of the LIVALO Challenge to your doctor.

Get a prescription for a 90-day supply of LIVALO during your appointment.

Complete the information below and receive your LIVALO® Challenge Copay Card.

Show your LIVALO® Challenge Copay Card to your pharmacist and pay as little as $36* for your 90-day supply.

*Based on eligibility, certain rules and restrictions apply. See offer details and pharmacist instructions.

Get your LIVALO® Challenge Copay Card

Please note: the LIVALO® Challenge Copay Card is only for
patients with commercial insurance who are new to LIVALO.

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